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After Looking Over Today’s Posts On GMG…

You gotta say to yourself, wow what an amazing place! How lucky to be a part of this beautiful community. If you’re not here, what are you waiting for? Stay tuned, we have some of the most jam packed, insider, … Continue reading

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Pebbles of Pebble Beach

Cape Ann is filled with so many beaches, and all are unique.  I love the sound of waves gently crashing and retreating from the pebbles.  It sounds even better underwater, for that reason alone its a favorite dive spot.

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The Mail Must Go Through, Part 3

I just finished having a long, really lovely conversation with Sylvia DeBoever, niece of Sarah Lawrence (known as Aunt Settie), of FDR memorial stamp letter fame.  Sarah lived at 121 Leonard Street, not 123, which was her husband’s house, Leonard … Continue reading

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Rocky Neck Art Colony Goetemann Residency Artist- Kathy Liao July- August

Just Announced- Check Out Her Work By Clicking The Picture Below- Here is her Blog as well- http://kathymliao.tumblr.com/

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Paint Factory Is In Rough Shape

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Joe Testaverde Sends In Dolphin Photos From When The Boys Brought the Midnight Sun Up From Texas

Hey Joe, bet you didn’t know I took some pictures of you steaming across the harbor Monday from the roof of the Coast Guard station did ya?  Look for the multi-part series starting Friday on the Coast Guard Boats, Inside … Continue reading

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Work on the Pinky Schooner ARDELLE continues into spring at the H.G. Burnham Boatyard in Essex. Planking and caulking are nearing completion. Boat builder Harold Burnham at work.  

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The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 7 Taped March 27th

Click here to play or save the podcast In this episode- Who Got Joey Fired Up?- Joey is getting Fat, Groupon, Restaurant Talk, Obnoxious Foodies, GMG Topside Grill Art Show, Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings, Twitter, Lactose Intolerance, Kenny’s Insane … Continue reading

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Did You Know? (The Mail Must Go Through, Happy Ending)

That the intended recipient of these FDR memorial stamps was Sarah Lawrence, an avid philatelist and regular customer of Mr. Grimsland.  Henry Grimsland became interested in First Day Covers during the depression when his firm, The Artcraft Engraving Co., needed … Continue reading

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Roger Babson Riddle Video From Thomas Soucy

Thomas writes- Located in Cape Ann Massachusetts there exists a ghost town called “Dog Town”. In that wooded area there exists an unusual hiking trail that includes viewing about 30 boulders that have carved inscriptions. Roger Babson (1875 – 1967), … Continue reading

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Here’s a photo I just so happened to have taken from the roof of the Coast Guard Station yesterday of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church steeple. The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is inviting nominations from the public for its 2011 … Continue reading

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Beth Williams Studio Lobster Bead

Beth Williams of Beth Williams Studio created this lobster bead after I read her tweet that she had just made a fish bead and I had suggested she make a lobster one. The power of Twitter I tell ya! So … Continue reading

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Dory Prep Day- Under 32 Degrees But These Great Community Folks Got ‘Er Done!

Thanks To Laurel and Jimmy T For Getting Us The Photos- The Dorys don’t just maintain themselves.  It takes a group effort to keep these boats in racing shape.  The email was sent out last week to all the members … Continue reading

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Fly Amero with special guest ~ Katrin

Now Serving, Wednesdays Only: Prime Rib Specials! Hello everyone! Wednesday, March 30th Special Guest: KATRIN! Katrin, a rising star in North America and Europe, hails from the Boston area. She is the embodiment of pure talent… the likes of which … Continue reading

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Help Celebrate the release of the Bandit Kings New Album ~ Live From Los Angeles

Gloucester’s own Bandit Kings have new live CD to celebrate about. If you feel like going over the bridge I am sure they would love to have you come and join them. This has to be one of the most … Continue reading

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The Gloucester Daily Times Cover’s Well Traveled Letter that EJ Broke The Story On Today

Chickity Check It- This piece of mail gets through – 65 years later By Francis X. Quinn Staff Writer History buffs in Gloucester have turned up a decades-old mystery involving the U.S Postal Service. As amateur sleuth E.J. Lefavour posted … Continue reading

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Topside Grill GMG Art Show This Season- David Cox

Doug Silva who has been making some fantastic changes as manager at his father’s Topside Grill invited our posse to fill the newly renovated space with our photos.  If you haven’t heard by now from Paul Morrison’s Seasonal Restaurant Openings … Continue reading

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Banana’s Window Display Tribute to Liz Taylor

  From deb Clarke; Liz Taylor Tribute Window, Bananas Liz Taylor Tribute Window 78 Main Street Gloucester MA Concept:  Richard Leonard Design:  Debbie Clarke Structural Design: Katherine Worth Katherine changed the windows to a spring medley last Monday.  Richard dropped … Continue reading

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City Hall Silhouette

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Chickity Check It!- Kat Valentine Digs Up A Great Piece On How To Blog

click on the graphic below to check it out- Click here for the post-which Ket highlighted at http://parlezmoiblog.blogspot.com/ 7 Dos and 7 Don’ts for New Bloggers Nathan Bransford has spoken. He says it’s never too early for writers to start … Continue reading

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