• The lyrics are so angst filled and moving, “which seat should I take?”. Informative too: “Sunday is the day after Saturday.”

  • This one should move right up the charts. It says it all. Excellent message to the youth of the nation. ;)

  • Nick’s Lunch had the best and cheapest fried egg sandwiches. Anyone remember them?

    • I think Two Sisters ought to have a fried egg sandwich special with a side of red hash every Friday while blasting this tune out of the speakers.

      Gotta get down on fried egg, with hash, yeah!

  • She has now been on Good Morning America and is at 16 million hits and climbing.

    Can you say Bieber Fever?

    I love her, and fried eggs. Thirty years from now you’ll order fried eggs on a Friday and she will be in your brain. Now that is viral. Gotta get down on fried eggs.

  • My daughter says Screamo Version of Friday the best.

  • After Supermoon able to find best cover ever of “Friday”.

    Bob Dylan (although he sounds a little like Lou Reed which isn’t bad … )

  • A sad commentary on life, as in maybe we on the internet should get one:

    This thread has received over one thousand views, higher (using the wordpress stats) than any post in the past two years back to a post about Adam Sandler’s movie.

    There is hope. The cute photo of the lumpfish beat it out. I am still listening to the Bob Dylan remake although no one else in my family appreciates it anymore.

  • OMG, song is EPIC!! I bought this on iTunes. I listen to it every day and I LOVE her music! Best song ever!

    Worst song.

  • OMG the Rebecca Black video is no longer available! Life has no meaning.

    Fortunately all of the parodies are still alive. Partyin’ partyin yeah.

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