My Favorite Fish- Whiting

Fried- It comes right off the bone and you eat it like corn on the cob. here’s some pictures of some whiting Sista Felicia fried up for the family.


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12 Responses to My Favorite Fish- Whiting

  1. Sista Felicia says:

    The most delicious fish in the sea !

  2. MarkB says:

    Is that butter or oil?

  3. starsquiggle says:

    they look like smelt…do they taste like smelt?
    all the thousands of pounds of whiting i cut and packed at Capt Joe’s…i have never tasted one…

  4. laurielufkin says:

    I agree! Looks just like the smelt my Dad used to catch from his smelt shack on the Essex River. Serve with tartar sauce (only Cains or homemade) and enjoy. My mouth is watering!!

  5. My Father used to make fried fish cakes with them. they were awesome.
    Fish cakes and beans at least once a week when i was a kid.

  6. Rich B says:

    haven’t had fried smelts in a long time. They were fun to fish for when I was little. Can you get whiting in most fish counters?

    • Sista Felicia says:

      Rich ,if your from this area, call Paul at Intershell in Gloucester 1.978.281.2523 He can get them. Don’t think you will find them at a fish counter :(

  7. Nate says:

    Man, those look great. Have eaten a lot of smelt over the years, but never tried whiting. How do you clean and cook them? Leave the skin on but descale? Any seasoning? How long do you fry them?

    Nate Grace

  8. Bob Ryan says:

    “Starsquiggle” I dare say you may have personally processed Hundreds of thousands of the MILLIONS that went through as Capt Joe’s brand. We used to take the “King” whiting and fillet (Pronounced Fill-it, because we had a “fill-it” house not a “fill-lay” house. Fill-Lays are horses) them for 1lb consumer pack. I dropped more than one pallet of the wooden “several times repaired” over filled fish boxes breaking off the end of our truck slowly climbing up that driveway out off the Capt. Joe wharf. Libby & Charlie would laugh! King whiting were too big for the H & G (Head & Gut) machines.

  9. deb clarke says:

    thought of you today when i found whiting in the fish market. under $3/lb, glistening beauties. fried it as recommended here…fabulous!

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