The Birdcage at Sunrise

The Birdcage



About Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Paints and Photographs scenes of Gloucester, Massachusetts Waterfront and Cape Ann.
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8 Responses to The Birdcage at Sunrise

  1. diane says:

    The Bird Cage is a house that is on Mt Pleasant Ave., and looks down East Main
    to The Beacon Marine…..did not realize there were two homes with that name.
    I have been in the one @ Good Harbor when the Rohrbows (spelled wrong I
    am sure) owned it. She never referred to it as The Bird Cage.

  2. Vic says:

    What a pleasure it was to meet you and your wife tonight.

  3. Leslie says:

    What a beautiful glow to build your day upon. (That photo would make a great watercolor.) Perchance are you a Morning Person?

    I’ll make it my Desktop background for the week. It’s so peaceful and relaxing.

    Thanks, Paul.

  4. Phyllis S. says:

    This is the house on GHB, yes? I’ve always loved that house I just never heard it referred to as the birdcage, but I can see why it is. I’m a fairly new subscriber to GMG and I’m loving your work!! Thank you for sharing.
    The one on Mt. Pleasant Avenue, is there or was there a steep path from East Main Street, across from Beacon Marine (or vicinity)?

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