Ginormous Snow Man Challenge From Rockport

Hey Joey.

We just heard about a great snow man on School street in Rockport….also heard the snowman’s neighbor created an alligator in snow….perhaps this is happening everywhere and we’re just clueless.

Just did a drive by and the snowman is about 12-14 feet tall -it’s wonderful….amazing….

So…what about a contest in Rockport/Gloucester for the best snowman or snow sculpture? It’s the perfect winter for this – we all need a diversion! Or a snow festival? Perhaps we should take baby steps…with a snowman contest. Maybe a restaurant or two want to get involved and throw in a humble incentive?

Who knows? All I know is anyone who builds a 12  or 14 foot snowman should get some sort of recognition…OK – thinking of a name for this…the 2011 SNOW-DOWN….????

JoAnn S.


Enjoy your blog…

Thomas Philbrook sent in a pic of said Snowman-


About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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6 Responses to Ginormous Snow Man Challenge From Rockport

  1. E.J. says:

    Joey, we could do a 20 foot seagull snow sculpture and write GMG in rocks (if we can find any) on him!

  2. MarkB says:

    It’s not a big snowman – it’s a small house.

  3. Great Post! But, I HATE that word Ginormous. Only Preppy’s use it.

  4. Ken says:

    Wow! great idea for a snow down!

    May be a small house but “The Man” is still 12-14 feet tall…check it out!

    Have you seen the green alligator on the same street? Heard about it but have not seen it yet…what have you got???

    SNOW DOWN!!!!

  5. Nancy says:

    What a great idea! Just what everyone needs to find a way to ENJOY this
    beautiful winter!! Let’s go – get creative in the snow!!!!

  6. lobsterlady says:

    I think he was given too many carrots. I thought carrots were suppose to be good for you but I guess in excess they can also wreak havoc…lol… He’s cute though.

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