Can anyone identify what type of animal tracks these are?

The tracks circled the house.

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13 Responses to Can anyone identify what type of animal tracks these are?

  1. Kevin says:

    The Abominable Lobster Dealer ?

  2. Alicia says:

    the Easter Bunny?

  3. Wendy says:

    from the pattern, squirrel or fisher

  4. rose says:

    I’d say a bunny

  5. MikeC says:

    Little doubt in my mind they’re from an obese sparrow or anorexic gull. By the size of the full grown Japanese maple to the right I’d put my money on an obese sparrow.

  6. That is a chupacabra for sure.

  7. genie says:

    These tracks circled my house this morning, too, in Hamilton. I did a little research on Wikapedia and think I might have found it. A relative of the fisher, but smaller, the American Marten. It’s smaller than a fisher, resembling a small fox. It is looking for small mammals. I think it may be living in a stand of shrubs close to my house that is iglooed with snow and ice. Love your website. Born and raised in Gloucester. Love seeing the photos. Thank you for this site.

  8. Mikelj says:

    In the middle of the picture are 4 prints, 2 large/2 small right behind them.
    I’d have to say it just your run of the mill bunny tracks (rabbit)..quite common as far
    as I know.

    • Joey C says:

      They went up and around the back of the house up stairs and onto our porch. I’ve never seen a bunny go up stairs but perhaps. from the size of the it would have been a huge ass bunny.

  9. JaneMGibbs says:

    My good friend Susan from NH says: “Hard to tell the size but they look like bunny tracks – see how the bigger hind feet land just in front of the smaller front feet tracks?  Plus the spacing and lack of any tail marks. 
    That’s what I think!”
    maybe the big bunny was desperate to find food so bravely bounded up the stairs?

  10. Linda Colman says:

    Rabbit. Definitely.

  11. tugster says:

    i got it: a migrating brooklyn bunny, prob subgenus coney islandus

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