What Does a $50 Lobster Roll Look Like???????

Via Grubstreet

“Last week, Ed’s Lobster Bar tweeted a photo of its white-truffle lobster roll, and we haven’t been able to stop drooling at the thought …….. The $50 roll is “the exact same as the regular [$27] lobster roll,” with the addition of three grams of white Alba truffles. “A little on the bottom, a little on top,” McFarland tells us.”

Does this thing look sick? Seriously, Ed from NYC have you lost your mind? It wasn’t enough to charge ill informed New Yorkers 27 bucks for a lobster roll, so you went with the old throw some expensive truffle on it since you are hedge fund rich trick!  I can’t believe this place won a Food Feud on TV. Why does the insanity continue with the Lobster Roll – Can’t anything be kept simple anymore? I want to film one of those Miller High Life Delivery Guy commercials where some Lobstermen come and take this guys lobsters away from him!

Sincerely – Patrick


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17 Responses to What Does a $50 Lobster Roll Look Like???????

  1. WHAT? 50 BUCKS FOR A LOBSTA ROLL? Give me a $2.50 Tuna roll from the Yellow Sub Anytime! I watch the food channel sometimes and they always have someone that cooks with “Truffle” oil on. What does A truffle or truffle oil taste like? never had the experience. My Gourmet cooking includes Minute rice and progresso soup. Thanks For the heads up Patrick!

    • Kathleen says:

      I have a shaker of truffle “finishing salt” that came in a gift basket one time and the taste is very elusive and seductive but hard to describe. However, putting it on lobster would be gilding the lily in my opinion. Some things should not be messed with.

      However a nice, fresh pasta with butter and garlic tastes fabulous with truffle added. Wonder what that would cost in NYC….

  2. kathyg says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Patrick! That lobster roll actually looks gross! I wouldn’t even eat it, even if someone else paid for it. But $50 dollars – crazy. I’d take a steamed lobster over a lobster roll any day. Are you talking about the show with Bobby Flay? I must of missed that one.

  3. Jerry Hannibal says:

    The best lobster roll the way it should be, Choate Bridge Pub Ipswich.

  4. Mary Beth Pereira says:

    the fries look yummy.

  5. Joey C says:

    Only In NYC Could You Take A Crap On a Lobster Roll, Charge $50 for it and have some bananahead drool over it.

    Seriously! Doesn’t it look like someone squatted down and took a shit on top of that thing?

    Who is this Grubstreet character who can’t stop drooling over the thought of eating a shit covered lobster roll?

    Thank you Patrick in your effort to out these lobster connoisseur pretenders. We all know who makes the best lobster roll. It’s the Mrs, and it isn’t even close.

  6. Meg Lee says:

    My first thought was that not only does it look totally unappetizing, actually downright disgusting, but it looks like somebody regurgitated on top of it. Then I remembered Capt. Joe’s comments about his wife’s lobster rolls, and I remember the pics he’d provided in past blogs. When I ever read Capt. Joe’s comments I chuckled and thought to myself, “enough said”….

  7. vicki says:

    Yuk! Give me a plan lobstah roll, light mayo, on a hot dog roll anyday!!!

  8. Joey C says:

    For $50 it ought to come with a blowjob. I’m just sayin’

  9. mk says:

    Dear Patrick,
    This lobster roll is both an abomination and a shamockery!
    GMG Reader,

  10. mk says:

    oh. and it looks like someone puked on it. I’m just sayin’…..

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