BLT at Willow Rest

Some sandwiches I don’t think I have ever ordered, tuna fish sandwich, PB&J, or a BLT. Why? because I know I can make them better myself and they are so easy to make. I think I shied away from ordering a BLT because I figured they would just use the bacon left over from breakfast. Until Sue and Evvy split a BLT at Willow Rest. They let me have one bite. Wow.  It wasn’t until this week that I got back to order one for myself.

This bacon lettuce and tomato is better than I have ever made.

The bun: soft and chewy, buttered and toasted on the grill for a nice layer of crunch.

Bacon: thick, salty, smoked, I think you can get this in the Willow Rest refridgerator case.

Lettuce: fluffy pile for good texture to oppose the crunch of bacon and the grilled bun.

Tomato: still getting that homegrown taste in December.

The mayo: some kind of secret mixture with a nice tang to it.

The last five times I’ve stopped at the Willow Rest I can’t help ordering the Cuban. I might have found the lunch that will win the next five visits.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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8 Responses to BLT at Willow Rest

  1. laurielufkin says:

    That looks amazing!!!

  2. I had this parked for publishing at 3PM today but Joey must have seen the photo and I got upgraded to pre lunch post. It is the tastiest BLT I have ever had in my life and my mother could make a pretty good one where I learned to make my own. I toast Pepperidge Farm white with Hellmann’s on both sides but this Willow Rest bun makes that taste like cardboard.

  3. tp says:

    they are remarkable

  4. john says:

    best ever….

  5. diane says:

    Melissa’s restaurant The Willows is one of the greatest finds in Gloucester, my
    daughter and I hit there every afternoon during the week.

  6. I stopped by today and they had a special, BLT with crab cake. What would be better than stick a crab cake in that BLT? Excessive? I will report with photos next week. Sue and Evvy split a hot pastrami which I got a bite. Holy crap that was good. The mushroom soup was also over the top rich and yummy.

  7. alL this because of Bacon, lettuce and tomato? your the man, Paul M!

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