Celebrate Gloucester!

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About Thom Falzarano

Living in Magnolia for the past 12 years enjoying what this great pace has to offer. Deb and I have 4 wonderful sons, daughter in law & our first grandchild.
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6 Responses to Celebrate Gloucester!

  1. AWESOME Photos Thom! One right after another. Great Job!

  2. shew says:

    great job as always thom. thank you

  3. Susan Harrington says:

    Celebrate Gloucester was AWESOME, just like the people and places are in Gloucester are on a daily basis. Gloucester music rocks on and the word is spreading (’bout time others caught on). All involved should be congratulated on a successful event.

  4. Anonymous says:

    lots of fun . Great food. loved the ribs and fr fr ‘s.
    The music was fab and all the organization paid off , a first class presentation. And of course beautiful Gloucester Harbor as a backdrop !

  5. Donna says:

    What an amazing time.. Vickie and Peter can really throw a party. The music was amazing and still dancing in my head…. Great

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