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First Installment Of Ask Ed – Handyman Questions Answered By Our Ed Collard

New Feature- Ask Ed. Many of you guys know Ed from our many GMG Man vs Food Challenges.  You might know Ed from his work each weekend cleaning up sections of the City as part of the One Hour at … Continue reading

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Annisquam Sea Fair

To see more photos of Annisquam Sea Fair visit: http://gallery.me.com/editormard1#100197

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Lightning Picture from Cathy Tarr

Cathy Writes- July 19, 2010 lightning show viewed from the boat ramp on the Annisquam River in Gloucester, MA Lightning06, originally uploaded by ~ cathy ~. Picture was submitted to The GMG Flickr Group Pool -Click the link for the … Continue reading

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Red-spotted Admiral Butterflies

Kim Smith Writes In- Kim Smith must have the patience of an angel because her butterfly photos are astounding and beautiful. She writes and has many more pictures of the current butterflies chilling in her garden at her blog- http://kimsmithdesigns.wordpress.com/Continue reading

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Gloucester House Restaurant

Check out these nice bright lobster buoys decorating the Gloucester House! They are always so friendly and accommodating when we bring our son and really have the most delicious, reasonably-priced food.

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Beautiful Morning from Pavilion Beach Picture From Donna Ardizzoni


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Chicken Broccoli Ziti At Supreme Roast Beef $6.95 with Salad and Bread

It was a good value but could have used a little more flavor.  I’m thinking garlic.

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Art Blogs of the GMG Readers

I found a few Art Blogs right here on GMG by clicking on the persons name when they commented on the Post “Who Loves Ya, Baby?”. You never know who’s out there if they don’t speak up. I will be … Continue reading

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Free Artwork Rocks!

Ok! I’m sure you people are sick of seeing my “ART ROCKS” But tough sh….Crap! When the mood hits I just do it. here’s one I left at the State Fish Pier about 8:30am this morning. If a GMG Reader … Continue reading

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Kids Sailing In The Harbor

I love that our harbor gets more than just industrial use with the dories and sailing that brings people down to the waterfront.  Kudos!  

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An Open Letter to CBS Casting For Survivor On Behalf Of My Boy The Rabbit

There are a handful of people in my life that I consider my brothers.  Special people that no matter what I’d have their back and I know they would have mine- UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE-Under ANY HARDSHIP- WITHOUT FAIL. There are … Continue reading

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Chickity Check It! kevinjhenry.com (ciabat’s site)

Kevin sends in- Luckily I wasn’t tossed into the Brig by the SP’s ! Our local lobsta’ joint Best, Kevin kevinjhenry.com

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