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The Homie Float and Walkers

Beautiful Day, Great Float, Great Gang of Marchers and Joey with a Non-Alchohol Beer. Winner of the Non-Category Category

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Building The GMG Horribles Float Slide-Show

Click Here For The Slide Show Thanks to Golden Living Center for their sponsorship

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2010 St Peter’s Fiesta Saturday At Pavillion Beach Slide-Show From David Cox

Click the Picture For the Slide-Show

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Fantasmagorical Fireworks!

A fantasmagorical show of fireworks over Stage Fort park! Did we witness controlled fires exploding in a multitude of colors and shapes projected high up into the sky with cascading sparkles trickling overhead for the pure act of enjoyment? Why yes we did! Continue reading

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The Bean Makes A Video

I’m wondering where she gets her shooting style?  Hmmm…. Not too shabby for a 4 year old.  This video was taken during her quiet time  alone in her room without any coaching or prompting by the Mrs or me.

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2010 GMG Homie Float Rises above the Crowd

2010 GMG Homie Float Rises Above the Crowd Movie From Paul Frontiero

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Check out the photos from the PARADE!

DSC_0649, originally uploaded by sharon_lowe88. Click on Laurel to see lots more parade photos!

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Oysters at The Rudder!

I’m not sure there’s a better way to spend an afternoon than with a pile of fresh oysters and some cold adult beverages.

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Before the Parade and The Tailgate

Here are some Photos of the Winning GMG Float and the Tailgate Party

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Just couldn’t make it….

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Mom- Not The Best Behind The Camera But Hey She Got The Footage!

Mom- Not The Best Behind The Camera But Hey She Got The Footage! Gloucester Til the End!

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Horribles at Railroad St.

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2010 Good Morning Gloucester Horribles Parade Float Thank You and Pics

There were so many great Floats this year.  The disadvantage of walking in the parade is that you don’t get to see the parade, but from the floats that I did see that were around us they all were fantastic … Continue reading

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