The Rudder: First Weekend

This was the first weekend of the Rudder and I was Jonesing for the Monkfish but never got there. Not until tonight but I missed the monkfish, That is, the mussels, crab cake apps then a Paella entrée got in the way.

Can I mention the mussels? Why have I been visiting Cape Ann for years and no one has explained to me that the Rudder’s mussels are not the usual white whine and onions sort of thing? That they do this cream with sausage that blends in some intense fennel flavor that is just over the top.

The crab cakes I won’t mention because I think everyone knows that they are the tastiest most crabby crab cakes on the island.

My daughter had the bolognese which is always something we have to doggy bag so I can find it later tonight to eat although she has become much craftier at hiding it.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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One Response to The Rudder: First Weekend

  1. DJ says:

    I had the Monkfish Friday Night.
    As always awesome…
    Nice to see familiar faces

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