What would you like accomplish this year?

Resolutions seem to be made to be forgotten very quickly, but goals, ideas,and a vision for the new year helps to us look ahead.  What’s on your mind? Share your thoughts with the GMG gang!

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My passions include photography, music, people, teaching, learning, taking risks and asking "I wonder what would happen if I..."
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6 Responses to What would you like accomplish this year?

  1. Joey says:

    I haven’t come up with any resolutions.

    Is that bad?

  2. Kathleen says:

    “I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.” – Anais Nin. Here’s to a year of self-acceptance and joy!

  3. “I resolve not to Bust Joey’s Cahonnies”

  4. laurielufkin says:

    Kathleen–I love that quote!

  5. lobsterlady2 says:

    Now capeannpainter, do you really not want to do that…lol…

    I’d somehow like to help the blog. I don’t know how but maybe something will come up. Have to be truthful. Getting to lonely. Need to help with something. Hey Joey, need anything cleaned out, swept out. Free mind ya…lol…

    Everyone have a great new year!!!!

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