Sean Burn’s Lobsterboat The Four Sisters Prepares To Offload

It was so cold that the plug which drains his lobster tank was frozen solid.  He had to take a layer of lobsters out of the tank and then dip a five gallon bucket in to take out some water and then take more lobsters out followed by bailing out more water til the tank was empty.  The extreme cold makes

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5 Responses to Sean Burn’s Lobsterboat The Four Sisters Prepares To Offload

  1. lobsterlady2 says:

    Man, They must of froze today out there. A lot of work. A lot of bailing.

  2. shawn cromwell says:

    Sean is a quit kid and because of that alot of lobstermen really dont know him. I had the pleasure to call him a friend, sean is a very , very , hard working kid who braves alot of shitty weather in that little boat to make a living. when i moved to AZ. I gave sean alot of lobster related things. traps , rope , bouy’s , repair wire , ect. to help him out . with the size operation sean has, he is not a highliner but he is a real Gloucester Lobsterman.

  3. lobsterlady2 says:

    Shawn, what a wonderful compliment you just paid Sean. Awesome.

  4. Mary Jones says:

    Is this the same Four Sisters boat that W Church/Bump of Biddeford Pool, Maine owned?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Today Is Bumps Birthday He would have been 120 .

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