GMG Cookie Contest- The Bean and Mammaw Say Bring It On!

It’s official.

When picking up my mom at the airport  for the holidays her and the Bean made a pact to enter Laurie and Sharon’s GMG Holiday Cookie Baking contest on December 3rd.

The Bean just loves to cook with my mother.  They both need to have busy hands and love to create so this will be something special for them to do together.

I guess this excludes me from the judging. :)

How many of you are planning to enter?  How many of you have children in your life and are looking for some actrivity to do together?  Well come on down to Browns Mall and enter-

Click this text for the details

About Joey C

The creator of Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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10 Responses to GMG Cookie Contest- The Bean and Mammaw Say Bring It On!

  1. Felicia Mohan AKA AFRO LADY says:

    Oh ! So that’s how its going to be….. Game on. Sign Maddie Pie, Amanda and TeTe up. Game on Mammaw, and LuLu . Your going doown!!!!!

  2. laurielufkin says:

    Wow! Enthusiasm! I love it! There is going to be a great family/youth prize so everyone, start your ovens!

  3. No one can beat my Cookies!

  4. star squiggle says:

    i think i’m entering

  5. laurielufkin says:

    Well, I hope you intend to prove that, CA Painter!

  6. wayno says:

    wow joey, that picture brought back memories… i remember going to your grandfarthers house with my dad and getting one of those cookies with the egg in the middle!! many,many years ago!!!

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