Man vs. Pizza

For some reason, Joey has become pizza-challenged. Maybe a YouTube tutorial would be helpful!

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9 Responses to Man vs. Pizza

  1. lobsterlady2 says:

    Oh Joey, I’m still laughing. I simply love the last picture. I love the strand of cheese coming off the pizza. Um pizza. That and spaghetti are the best. Just got a book on pasta dishes and boy, I can’t wait to try some out. So many of them look so good. Oh, but we can’t forget lobster. Yum.

  2. Kathleen says:

    HA! Since that Beach Gourmet place has him all a-flutter he’s become too uppity to eat the food of the ordinary person. A comeuppance was in order.

  3. shawn cromwell says:

    DUDE, You work with dead rotten fish and cold clamy seafood all day and you look as though you dont want to get messy ? a quote for when you run for mayor : Yes , i’ve ate pizza , but never inhaled it. : ) just messing with ya brother !!

    • Joey says:

      Read My Lips-

      I will never run for mayor or city council.

      I admire how much gumption and work it takes to hold those positions and I’d never want to be the one making critical and much needed decisions which alienate people in cases where there aren’t always perfect solutions.

  4. Leslie says:

    …Said like a true politician, lol.

  5. rockynecker says:



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