Gloucester Seafood Display Auction- Monkfish Tails

About ten years or so ago there was a big push in the culinary world to brand monkfish as “poor man’s lobster”.  It’s quite a stretch if you ask me.  Monkfish doesn’t have half the taste and is way more chewy.  Don’t fall for the ploy.

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3 Responses to Gloucester Seafood Display Auction- Monkfish Tails

  1. John Hiler says:

    Joe, your right, I’ve been in the culinary business for many years and Monkfish is very tricky to cook properly and it must ” rest ” before serving or the texture is unpleasent.
    Just my 2 cents.

  2. katieoaks says:

    I thought Langostino was the poor man’s lobster? I remember my Mother making scampi with it and it sure was good! I use Monkfish in recipes which are simmered, like a provencal. It’s good!

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