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Things To Do- Nights On The Neck First Thursdays June-October

Thurs, July 2, 5-9 pm: Nights on the Neck

Nights on the Neck

  • Three Sheets to the Wind
    The Schooner Adventure organization spawned Three Sheets to the Wind, a group of local musicians and Adventure crew members who are preserving the history of maritime work songs (chanteys) and forebitter songs.
  • Corwin Ericson
    Corwin Ericson lives in western Massachusetts where he works as a writer, editor, and college instructor. He will read from his novel-in-progress, Swell, from which an excerpt was recently published in X: The Erotic Anthology, edited by Susie Bright (Chronicle, 2008).
  • Rick Drost
    Rick Drost began singing with a Kingston Trio-style group in high school, continued in a small folk group in college, then a glee club and an opera chorus. He started writing and singing around coffeehouses in DC and New England in the ‘70s, finally settling in Cambridge MA where he started playing with the folk-rock group Parts and Labor.  He performs at least once a week, wherever he goes, and has enjoyed stints with great instructors and students at Song School in Colorado, SAMW and other workshops.
  • Tom Hauck
    Local author Thomas A. Hauck’s novel, Pistonhead, tells the story of Charlie Sinclair, guitarist in a rock band. His job is being outsourced. His best friend is a drug addict. His apartment is full of mice. The girl he loves is unattainable and his old girlfriend wants to dig her claws into him again. Pistonhead is the story of one week in Charlie Sinclair’s life — a week that changed him forever.
  • Ev Harlow & Friends
    Ev Harlow is known for his wacky songs and goofball on-stage banter. His style has a country/folk flavor that is not often heard in these parts. He will have some very talented friends sitting in and having way too much fun!
Nights on the Neck is located on Rocky Neck Avenue, East Gloucester.  For specific performance times and locations, please see signage in the Rocky Neck Avenue parking lot on the evening of the event.

Thurs, July 2, 5-9 pm: Ruth Mordecai Reception

Ruth Mordecai

Rob Schneider In Gloucester At Pleasant Street Tea Company

Friday after work I drove downtown to grab a cup of iced tea and while circling to find a parking spot I saw Rob Schneider sitting outside at the Pleasant Street Tea Co.  I found a parking spot in front of Passports and treked up with camera in tow to snap a shot.   First walking past him I asked if he was enjoying his stay in Gloucester and he said he loves it and the people were really nice.  I didn’t whip out the camera but instead went inside and grabbed a fruited iced tea drink  (Pleasant St Tea Co makes some really refreshing iced tea BTW).

So I was going to sheepishly ask Rob if he would mind me snapping a quick picture for the blog and after paying for my iced tea inside a group of folks had gathered around him.

I’ll tell you he couldn’t have been more patient or accommodating.  What a sweet guy.  He took a little time with each person, signed autographs and made conversation, never looking distressed or trying to rush folks along.   I snapped a quick picture while he was posing for some other folks and then headed back to Passports.