Sorry Charlie

In the past couple of days I’ve gotten a few emails from a person I really think the world of.  This woman is smart, sweet and well meaning but for the sake of answering what some may be thinking collectively in one post instead of individual emails I’ll address some of their concerns here.

This woman has been bothered by the potty humor or cursing that sometimes appears on GMG, written mainly by me.  She went on to tell me that she fears I’ll lose the GMG audience and it reflects poorly on me and the town.

Here is my respectful response to my friend who was bothered by the What Would You Do? post yesterday-

I’m sorry you didn’t find it amusing but I did.  Maybe that’s what my humor level is- like a third grader.  The blog had the highest amount of hits in one single day ever just yesterday, the day you wrote this email.

I appreciate all your comments and have the highest respect for you but I won’t compromise what the blog is to try to please everyone and bastardize it in a way to make it sterile and uninteresting from my perspective.  If I was getting paid to sell out my style and be the face of the city or the chamber of commerce or some other business group I would write it from that perspective but that isn’t what GMG is or ever promised to be.

The tag line from day one has been  “My view from the dock” and if the potty humor or the not-so-pretty side of things bothers you then I don’t know what to say except I will not compromise what I’m writing or posting for the sake of anyone. It is what it is- the good, bad and ugly.


  • Here! Here!

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Gayle (Anderson) Gram

    Good for you Joey!
    I LOVE this blog and it makes me feel that much closer to my hometown from my new home in California. They don’t get our humor out here so I need you to keep providing yours….just the way it is!

  • Keep it comming!
    You got a great mix of off color humor and local happenings.
    Just scroll down if it’s not your thing.
    Keep it up joey! {So to speak}

  • Ya know what, it’s a free world. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to read it. Period. You should not change what you are doing, she should change what she reads if what she reads is offending her.


  • Good response. I can imagine what was thought about toys in the bedroom. I guess I did go to far with that one. Oh, so I got carried away. I’m so glad Joey that you wrote that because I’ve felt guilty since that night. I can tell you that I laughed like hell when I read what would you do? I think with the way things are today, people need to laugh a lot more and you give us the chance to do that in some of the funny stuff you post. And I love capeannpainters comments. It’s all in fun. People have to lighten up. Have a good night everyone. And Joey you do a phenomenal job.

  • Well, yeah, sometimes there’s off-beat stuff. I think this a great blog for everything Gloucester, but when I feel a bit embarrassed that some outsider might see that stuff, it think: “It’s Joey’s blog, he can say anything he wants to; the informative input here about what’s happening in Gloucester far outweighs any petty concerns I might have; hey, he’s a guy — guys sometimes say that kind of thing; la,la,la,la,la”… Bottom line,
    I get the context, and in the scheme of things, I don’t sweat about it (besides, I’m guessing ‘someone’ at home would probably keeps things in tow if they got out of hand).

  • Keep up the good work….never was much for reading BLOGS but I must say yours has me “hooked”… name is Charlie by the way and I grew up in Manchester…I knew H. Dombrowski and P. Hoysradt that won a dory racing championship many years ago…great guys….

  • Way to go Joey! That IS what attracts the people to your blog… The Good, the Bad and oh well, the Ugly. Keep ‘em coming!

  • Always taught you to be true to yourself. Always proud of you. Mom

  • Tried to comment on the video of Turtle Alley.
    Halle is great. your sister and I go crazy at Christmas for gifts. I’ve even called her from Naples florida before I come home for the holidays and put my orders in. She is always personable and greets me with that wonderful smile of hers and always remembers who I am. She makes the most incredible candy I have ever tasted and my favorite is cashew patties. Of course Joey I always buy you the cracker fingers, your favorite.

  • joey, (DO NOT) change a thing you do or say, if that person does not like your (POTTY) mouth it’s a free country she can take your blog off of her list of things to do for the day !!!!!! i get on you blog “every” day since moving to AZ. your wit and coments make my day. do not change a thing brother, much love, shawn cromwell

  • Just found the blog this week and I’m hooked. Keep up the good work and the good pics.

  • Thanks so much, all of your comments are much appreciated. :)

  • Good for you and thank you for all the laughs!

  • When I read the “What would you do?” article on GMG yesterday morning, I was laughing out loud, alone, in my office. I appreciate your 3rd grade sense of humor and I thoroughly enjoy reading GMG every day!

  • I agree that you can’t be all things to all people. I appreciate your approach to all things Gloucester. You’re funny, smart and have a great eye for detail. Personally, I’m not a poop-joke, kind of girl, but so what? It’s certainly not a big deal and I look forward to reading your blog every day…..

    Thanks for GMG.

  • I did enjoy the pooty humor and have found myself in the same compromising situations at times!
    This is America and we are given the right of free speech and press just look at the papers as you are waiting on line at the grocery check out. We are fortunate enough to either pick up those papers and purchase or shak ohur head in disregard. People have to learn if it not something they appreciate due to thier morals or lifestyle than shut it down don’t read it or walk away but always remember this “GOD BLESS AMERICA” Thanks Joey!!!!

  • I can’t say the Potty Humor did it for me, but whatever “floats your boat.” I’m sure I can maneuver through the occasional manure (I own hip boots) to find your pearls of wisdom, and still enjoy your lovely photographs.

  • What third grade humor? That’s a serious question. What would you do? I thought it was hilarious! Listen to your mom.

  • telling new englanders to not talk dirty or giggle at potty humor is like telling the wind not to blow, or a baby not to cry. its what we do.

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