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Where Zat Answer

DSC_7045 [640x480]

Hey Dean! You got it first! And you were the only one who was sure that it was Lane’s Cove. How’d you know so quickly?! Or is that where Jaimee got her attention to detail?

Jay and Lumper’s Kid- good guesses! Thanks for playing!

Chickity Check It!- Cape Ann BeerandBlog Article In GDT

Last Friday Scott Pytlik from the Gloucester Daily Times emailed asking if I was interested in writing a piece about  CapeAnnBeerandBlog. he had pitched the idea to editor Ray Lamont and once Ray green lighted it I hammered out the basics.

Scott asked if I could also try to explain the differences between bloggers, message board posters, and online commenting for less web savvy folks.

The first few meet-ups we had at Cape Ann Brewing were great and I’m looking forward to getting more folks involved to collaborate and help each other out over cold adult beverages. :)

Here’s the article in the Gloucester Daily Times