International Dory Race




Connor Swim and Holden Nicerson 6:12 Canada won 
LJ Robertson and Randy Parisi 6:15 USA 

Natsalie and Nicokle Jones 6:31 Canada won 
Samantha Rose and Katherine Richmond 6:51 USA 

Mark Duval and Joe Sanfillippo 6:03 USA won 
Ken MacDonald and Tim Mair 6:06 Canada 

Mixed Doubles 
Natalie Jones and Tim Mair 6:41 Canada won 
Christina Carpenter and Len Robertson 7:06 USA 

Tom Jarvis and Jim Tarantino 9:58 USA won 
Dan Moody and Walter Nickerson 10:10 Canada

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3 Responses to International Dory Race

  1. Lobsterlady says:

    I can feel the pain just looking at his face.

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  3. glenda tibbets says:

    Great pictures, but only one of the mixed crews.

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