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Due to the near certainty of rain and out of respect to people who may want to alter their plans the June Block Party Has Been Cancelled.

We would like to encourage people to still go downtown and enjoy the shops and restaurants but the streets will not be closed

From Dawn Gadow- director at Art Haven-

The Art Haven Crew will brave any storm, the pirates will still be out in force to help new recruits fit the bill–equipping them with swords, eyepatches, and pirate bandanas. Please be telling your friends.

Art Haven will Be dressing Children Like Pirates Today

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Where Zat Answer

Where Zat 27

This building  is at the corner of Toronto Ave. heading out to the lighthouse next to the grey shed right before you turn the corner to go to Niles Pond. It’s a cool little structure with the rock wall and the wood design at the top.

Fort Square Cafe

Growing up my favorite meal was my mom’s mudiga steaks with a big helping of buttery mashed potatoes and peas.

Here is Christa Tumbiolo at the Fort Square Cafe presenting a mudiga steak sandwich with the peppers and the provolone cheese.  I’ll tell you Fort Square Cafe is a great place to hang out if you want to get a flavor for the true character of this city.  It’s a place where everyone is chatting and talking about the latest goings on.

Fort Square Cafe, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Grasy Pole Flag

Greasy Pole Flag At Fort Square Cafe

Greasy Pole Flag at Fort Square Cafe

Greasy Pole Flag at Fort Square Cafe

Be Aware! My license expired!

Please be aware that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is no longer sending out mail with information related to the following items:

  • License renewal notices
  • Mass ID renewal notices
  • License reinstatement letters:
    • Letter sent to a licensed customer when his/her license is reinstated, provided that the license is active
    • Letter sent to an unlicensed customer when his/her right to operate is reinstated
  • Registration reinstatement letters:
    • Letter sent to a person or corporation whose suspended registration has been reinstated
    • Letter sent to a person or corporation whose revoked registration has been reinstated
  • Vehicle Inspection reminder letters for vehicles that are overdue for inspection
  • Inspector license renewal notices
  • 7D license renewal notices
  • Driver’s Education Certificates
  • Junior Operator Brochures for parents (still available in branches)
  • Change of address labels (customers can create their own)