Gloucester till the End!

Update from Frankie Gentile-

Just an Update -

Earl will be in town during Fiesta and will be playing a show Thursday Night of Fiesta down at Captian Carlos along with EXIT 11 with a portion of the proceeds going to the JJ Nicastro Fund. It will be a great night of Music, and a chance to hear this great song LIVE!

Earl and Arch

Here is a song by two friends of mine Earl and Arch. They both are Gloucester natives but now live in The St. Pete Beach area of Florida. Earl wrote this song a while back. I put some of my own video and stills together and grabbed some of the net. This should be the official GMG song.


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    • This is truely a favorite….
      A few more reasons to love Gloucester.
      Great songwriter, beautiful video and short summary of our historical town
      – hardworking fishermen who demand admiration!

      Thanks Joey as always for GMG
      I start my day here!

  • Mike-
    The whole thing gave me the shivers. Whoa!
    No words can describe that feeling. Thanks for sharing your art. And I agree with Joey.

  • This is a very good video and song. I remember when I was city hall custodian I was challenged by Gap Lafatta to write a poem for the dedication of the name from the City Hall Roll of lost Fishermen to the new site. While I did write it , time did not permit it to be read. My granddaughter Ashley ran around the crowd giving copies of it away. She also banged on the Bishops Lime and demanded he take one,which he did. My cousin Carlo “Bronco” Sinagra was the skipper of the Aligator. This great song will live on , and , thank you Mike

    Peter Todd
    Huck Finn

  • Applause, applause!

  • Oh my God. What a phenomenal song and show. I wish you could buy it. I’ll make sure this GMG is never deleted.

  • That was incredible! Very good Mike great job!

  • Where in St. Pete are these guys? I live in St. Pete and would love to meet them. Anyone got any info. on them?

  • Great Song! Great Video! Cousin Earl is an amazing singer/songwriter. Great job Mike putting the video together! And I can’t forget Archie’s great guitar work on the song too!!! Keep an eye out for Earl and Arch this summer around Fiesta Time. Not sure if Arch can make it, but I am on the phone with Earl as we speak, and he will be attempting to fly in for Fiesta and play a few gigs. I do know if he comes to town, he will be playing with Exit 11 and myself at Captain Carlos for the JJ Foundation on Thursday Night. Its a great time…should be fun!


    Frankie G

    • I am a cousin of Earl ( we called him little Earl – I was his babysitter 1965, 1966 and his Mom, Katie knows me as Cookie – anyway, please tell Little Earl that I am so very proud of him, and love his song…. great job!

      Vincie Boothe
      Gulf Breeze, Florida

  • Great music. Poignant lyrics. Needs to be heard by everyone who lives here and by those who don’t.

  • Nice job all around :)

  • Not oly shivahhs but tears…proud to be a part of this great place and even bettah people
    Joey ,Earl and Arch hats off to you !!

  • That is absolutely wonderful. I certainly cried. Gloucester and Gloucester fishermen…. what can I say?

  • this is nate dog from f/v tully 4 the video and the song was absolutely fantanstic! that should be published.

  • This was fabulous! Please let me know how to download this-or make it a dvd or cd or something. I will share with my Glosta crew. Thank you

  • awesome song and video. Billy Tyne was a good friend of mine. Brought tears to my eyes and made me proud to be a Glosta gal. Great!!!!

  • Great music and video! I’d love to show it at our next GHS reunion (#60). Can it be bought?

  • That is an awesome video, I’m proud and honored as Bobby Shatford’s brother to have aired. Great job Mike. and to all involved! Thanks Earl and Arch for making my song.

  • For those that are new to our town, or plan to visit this summer: This video is what it’s all about, what it really means to be from Gloucester!

  • How can I buy this song?

  • Great job on the song–i’m one of those that lost a Grandfather at sea–Ezra Hill–they will all be remembered–God Bless

  • WOW !!!!
    I grew up in Gloucester in the 60′s. There couldn’t be a better place and you song and video couldn’t be better. It renewed so many good memories. Thanks a million.

  • Nina Testaverde Goodick

    What a beautiful song. Love it and the pics.Being a fishermans daughter this spoke directly to me, and my children.
    The heart of Gloucester, and everyone who is connected are in the verses and photos….
    Everyone is Gloucester should see this.

  • Julie Taliadoros

    Mike that was absolutely wonderful! I loved how you meshed the video with still frames, and set it to the song so wonderfully. I am also very impressed with the song! It IS Gloucester and should be our official song! Your friend really got the essence of our daily lives here in Glosta.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I have watched this video. A relative sent it to me several days ago. I grew up in Gloucester. I moved to Portland Oregon in 1976 but still call Gloucester home. I visit a couple times a year to see family & friends and always feel connected when I am there. This is a great song & video. My grandfather Amero had a fishing fleet and one of my uncles was lost at sea. This is a wonderful tribute to Gloucester.

  • This is absolutely amazing, will never delete!

  • Wow. Chills and shivers. Great lyrics, great video. Never heard it said better.

  • What can I say, leaves a Lump in my throat everytime it plays. Pass it on, can’t hear it enough.

  • I Love your song, Is there a CD for sale?
    my mother grew up in Gloucester and I just love it. I come back every year. Sometimes two or three times.
    The kayaking is great.

  • Very Well Done!

  • Diane Morgan Ludensky

    We have all lost someone.. this song really captures that..It is heartbreaking. Thank you for it. I loved it. Diane

  • Mike,
    This video brought tears to my eyes. It was incredible. I listen to it everytime I check into GMG. I think Joey should display it on the brick wall across from passports this summer at the downtown block party. I too hope that Earl and Archie will come for St. Peters Fiesta and perform it live,
    Joey’s, mom

  • Good morning Pat,
    Where is passports?
    I am always in Gloucester at Fiesta. If they do come, there won’t be a dry eye to be found.

  • Joey,
    Are you the man behind the mike, who call the names of the walkers at the greasy pole contest

    Thanks for the info on passports

    • No, there has been a recent upheaval in the Greasy Pole/Seine Boat announcing world. I’m not even sure who “The Official Voice” of the Greasy Pole is right now, but I’ll find out and get back to you.

  • Just an Update -

    Earl will be in town during Fiesta and will be playing a show Thursday Night of Fiesta down at Captian Carlos along with EXIT 11 with a portion of the proceeds going to the JJ Nicastro Fund. It will be a great night of Music, and a chance to hear this great song LIVE!

  • Outstanding !!

    I moved from Gloucester in 1969. Get back as often as possible. Still have family in town. Loved the song & video.

  • BRAVO Bravo Bravo — As someone still relatively new to Gloucester (moved here Jan. 08) — I, too, remember visiting here and seeing the Man At The Wheel as a kid — well, in college, anyway. All of this city’s great history, heritage and people mean so, so much more to me now. I love every bit of it — and this song really helps drive all of those feelings home. Looking forward to seeing them and hearing this great song live!!! It should be a real part of Fiesta!

  • mike – sorry this didn’t play at the award (richly deserved!) ceremony on sat. nobody said anything about it to me, could have rigged something up, at very least for audio. oh well, there will be other awards – for sure! beautiful job.

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  • Good Morning Gloucester! Great song……
    Hopefully I’ll be back one day soon.

    Michigan Mike

  • Christine Plattner

    GREAT song and video!! I lived in Gloucester from January 1983-September 1984. My husband was in the USCG and he was the lighthouse keeper at Eastern Point. It was an exciting (the storms) and beautiful spot. I loved to walk out to the end of the breakwater and look out over the harbor and the Atlantic. At dawn, we watched from our window the stream of boats leaving the harbor and in the evening, they’d come back, each followed by a flock of seagulls. Oh, how I miss that place! I try to visit as often as possible.

    –Christine from Riverside, CA

  • terriffic song and brought a lump to my throat…I sure do miss my hometown, Gloucester

  • Awesome song guys, I just recently heard and seen the video. I lived all my life in Gloucester but am now in sunny Orlando. The song brings back good memories of home. Earl and arch really fantastic job.

  • I have heard this song so many times, and don’t get sick of it.

    I have lived in Vancouver, Washington for 20 years. I have never gone a day without being homesick.

    This song epitomizes what I feel.

    Thank you so much for it’s publication here.

    Sincerely, Donna Barner

  • Absoultely beautiful and a memory tear jerker. Wish it could go commercial. Thanks for a winner.

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  • my employment sent me to gloucester in 1977 where we spent a wonderful, beautiful 20 years. this song brought back so many heart warming memories for my wife. doris who retired from addison gilbert hospital and my retirement brought us back to n.j. where our children and grandchldren live. we miss gloucester and get back at least once a year to visit friends, and they visit us when they can. thank you for the video, and thanks to the people of gloucester who made us a part of their families.

  • Gloucester a very special place. You have to go away to know how special and priceless and soulfilled a place it is.

  • Hoping Glosta never ends but love the song, miss Ben I and Kenny, Bobby and sully. Thanks for the tribute.

  • Brava, to you who have heart…to you who have left heart…

  • Marilyn Carreiro

    I am Glousta girl…loved this…so many great memories!

  • valerie Elliott

    Thank you for making an already great song so much better with all wonderful pictures of Gloucester and other things that were added makes for a great song just for us Gloucester people and others who are learning about our fine city.Thanks again.

  • I just got onto your blog today and heard the song for the first time. I can’t describe to you the wave of emotion that enveloped me. I was born and raised in “Glosta by the Sea”. Both my father and grandfather were master mariners. I went lobstering as a kid with Billy Bergstrom. Billy Tyne was a distant relative. I moved away from my hometown after joining the Navy and haven’t been back for many years…until today. Many thanks!

  • Beautiful Song
    My Grand father, Dad and all his brothers were fishermen. All of them are gone now. I remember Grammy talking to them on the short wave radio. When they were ready to get off the boat and come home everyone would meet at Grams (or the tavern she managed )to welcome them. With plenty of Pabst of course.
    When I was very young my Grammy use to run a tavern (late 1950s and early 1960s). I think is was called The Main Deck. (Does any one remember that name?). I remember it being close to the docks and.I used to sit at the end of the bar drinking shot glasses of milk and eating fried dough, waiting for my dad and uncles to get off the boat.


  • I’ve been reading GMG for over a year, and today is the first I heard this song. Some visitors told me about it and how someone from Australia had told them about it, but how they couldn’t get it to play on their computer, so I found and played it for them, and myself. Very few songs in my life have moved me as this one, and the video, did. This should have been on the big screen last night at Latitude 43. It really should be recorded, and Joey, you should put out a post about it again for those unobservant readers of the blog like me who never noticed that link before.

  • I just got on your site and cried for memories. Born and raised in Gloucester, now living in Al. I miss it every day. You will give an old lady much pleasure

  • really enjoyed g`losta till the end! been coming to g`losta for ten yrs. now. vacation w/ the family and at least one or two trips w/ the guys fishing.won the pool on the patriot on one trip this year.mark and kara turned us on to gmg.keep up w/ what is going on. thank you for sharing your part of the world w/us! you folks are a rare breed. also some of the most nicest drivers we have ever seen.

  • This song is truly remarkable and for those of us who were fortunate enough to have originated here but whose lives have taken us to other places; this is a strong tie to our roots. Once from Gloucester, Always from Gloucester. There is something historical and magical about the place, not my opinion solely, but all those to whom I have sent this from Australia to Texas who feel the same way! Note that so many of the comments come from people who did NOT originate here but feel tied to it

  • I moved from Gloucester to Wisconsin years ago but miss it every day. Try to get back every year, still have relatives and really enjoy GMG. Great job guys.

  • I just heard this again… Glosta til the End… My home town, the place I feel most comfortable.. No matter where I go, no matter what I see.. this is my home.. forever and always.. This song just encapsulates that! Those of us that have been lucky enough to have been brought up in Gloucester.. it will always be HOME! Good Lord, I love Gloucester :) Diane Morgan Ludensky

  • Hello! I’ve been reading your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from New Caney Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

  • I just moved back home to Gloucester after 20 years away…I am finally home…what an incredible feeling I have every morning when I wake up and realize I’m home…I will never leave again and this song just puts a lump in my throat, it is fantastic! Thank you all so much for this great gift, especially to us natives. Heaven on Earth!

  • Wow! Very powerful lyrics! Anyone who knows Gloucester will be very moved by this song, just beautiful.

  • Fran Ragusa Bouchie

    W0W Just found this on line. I grew up in the fort on Commercial Court for 16 yrs and then when I was married lived above My Grandfather Dutchie Vegliano’s at 16 Fort Sq. and love my Italian roots. The song was great and the video was memory stirring of my life as part of my heritage. Sebastian Scola was one of the first to come from Terrasini to beautiful Gloucester with many cousins who populated the fort. I am doing the Scola genealogy and all the Sebastians are driving me crazy to keep straight. Anyone interested in Terrasini genaology contact me at fbouchie@gmail,com and I can help you use the films in Italian I use at our genalogy library for free. I would love to find some pictures of the Frances R my dad Bill Ragusa’s boat.
    viva St Pedro! Frances Ragusa Bouchie – I had to marry a Frenchmen because all the Italians were my cousins,

  • Fran Ragusa Bouchie

    Are the words printed out somewhere? Would love to have them to send out to people that have moved far from home port.

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