Monthly Archives: April 2009

Walker Creek Furniture

How many times have you driven past this building in Essex and wondered what’s inside?  The building is in Essex, on the left hand side just before you get to downtown Essex when coming from Gloucester on 133.  Look for the two part interview and video tour inside later this week.  It’s a local treasure you won’t want to miss.

Walker Creek Furniture, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Where Zat? #18


We’ve had this little contest going for 18 weeks! All through the winter into the SPRING!!

Last week this comment from Joe (not Joey C.): “Those that picked the Public Ramp behind GHS got it correct, from my view. Have lived on the river all my life, and that Great Blue is taking off from an old pile, that has been there the entire time.”

Can you figure out where this week’s location is? Not far off the beaten path?

Thanks for playing! Good luck!