Monthly Archives: April 2009

Surfs Up II

img_7880WAVES: 1′ -2′
SETS: waist +
WIND: S-SW  10-20                             
LOW TIDE@ 1:30 pm
HIGH TIDE@ 7:00 am
CONDITIONS: small-fun S-SE windswell/swell mix, increasing sideshore (SW winds)
OUTLOOK: todays waves fade quickly. perhaps a similar type, a bit quicker, a bit more potent system early-mid next week.

What’s your Saturday look like?


Some people have certain chores or errands they do every Saturday. They do laundry, banking, baking, shopping, visit a relative, etc. Others wing it. Usually that’s what I do.

It depends almost entirely on the weather. If it was warm and sunny today, I would have taken a short bike ride after breakfast. Or go out and look for signs of spring with the camera.

But since today’s kinda iffy, I think I’ll go down and see the Charlie Lowe photography exhibit at the Cape Ann Museum. It’s free on Saturday mornings for locals. Then visit my Mom for a while. I also want to go look at mountain bikes. But I’ll have my camera with me…just in case.

So what are your plans today? Are you a routine person or do you go with whatever comes up?