Good morning, Niles Pond

Very busy place this morning. A feeding frenzy among the mergansers, mallards, gulls, Canada geese, and the swans. Peaceful, but busy. Time to connect with Nature!niles-3-22

Niles Pond is a designated Great Pond located on Eastern Point, accessible by Eastern Point Boulevard which is a private road. It is a freshwater pond (I thought it was an estuary) that is valuable to migratory birds, but the causeway that protects it along its eastern edge adjacent to Brace Cove is in danger of being washed out. From this causeway, is a view of Brace Rock, which was painted by Fitz H. Lane.

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6 Responses to Good morning, Niles Pond

  1. Joey says:

    Gorgeous Shot Sharon!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks Joey! That was right before the clouds came in…around 7:15.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome shot Sharon!
    Colors, composition, BEAUTIFUL.

  4. rockynecker says:

    It looks like a painting. I’ve been looking over in
    West Gloucester under the little bridge for Hooded
    Mergansers, but they don’t seem to be out there yet. Maybe I have to get out at 7:15.

  5. Lobsterlady says:

    Phenomenal picture Sharon. It’s not just the colors but the form of all the trees against the background of the sky just pops out at you. Without all the leaves you can see the form of all the branches. Awesome.

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