Where Zat, Frank and Paul?

dsc_6693-open-full Joey remembered where   that sign is. If I hadn’t taken the photo yesterday, I wouldn’t have known.  One of those things you just don’t notice. And my son who delivers there everyday for Ocean Crest didn’t recognize it either!

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4 Responses to Where Zat, Frank and Paul?

  1. shawn cromwell says:

    dont rember the street name but it’s right across the street from the fishing charter place and the gas station in on the corner right next to it. i remember the place because the sign makes it seem as if they serve lobster egg’s and pankakes for breakfast.

  2. Zanny says:

    Isn’t this on Eastern Ave in Essex?? Right before the Gloucester line??

  3. Janet says:

    Zanny’s right! I just don’t get up early enough. 143R Eastern Ave 1/4 mile from the Gloucester/Essex Line. Go by there all the time.

  4. rockynecker says:

    In Essex, heading toward The Windward, on the
    left side of the road. Great fried clams here. Great spot to purchase cooked lobster meat too.

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