Monthly Archives: February 2009

Joke Shop USA Magic Class Auditorium

Here is the stage at the back of Joke Shop USA where they teach magic and practice their routines.  I was surprised that it even existed because when you go into the store it’s behind the curtains.   There is an elevated stage where the students perform their routine at the end of the eight week class.  The routines are videotaped.  Pretty innovative.  


Where Zat? #9

Where Zat

This has been so much fun! Last week’s location was the Dog Bar (one of my favorites!). Gloucester native, Joanne Silva won a $25 gift certificate to the Dogtown Book Shop. Thanks again to Bob Ritchie for donating the prize.

The Where Zat? #9 winner will receive a $20 gift certificate from Audrey’s Flower Shop. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Owner Heather Peterson wanted me to tell you that the shop is selling a dozen red roses for $70. That’s less than $6 a rose!

Good luck on this week’s contest!